Got bacne? Try acne body wash for clear back skin

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Clear our bacne with acne body wash.

Acne does not just effect your face. In fact, you can get acne anywhere on your body, including your arms, legs, neck, chest and back. If you have body acne, you may not know how to properly treat it, especially considering that most acne creams come in small tubes that would get used up in one treatment if applied all over your body! One of the best ways to start treating your bacne is to use an acne body wash instead of regular soap. Using a body wash designed to treat acne can help deliver acne treatments over large areas of skin, and will remove dirt and oils that would normally remain on your skin after you bathe.

How Does Bacne Happen?

Acne can happen on your face because of products you use, chronically touching your face when you read or talk to people or from hair hanging on top of your skin throughout the day. In a similar way, back acne can happen on areas that are covered by a lot of clothing and are exposed to a lot of pressure. For example, you may get more bacne across areas of your back that regularly press up against your desk chair. While you may exfoliate your skin routinely as you bathe, you may not exfoliate the rest of your body. Dead skin cells build up, trapping oils inside your pores, which are then pressed deeper from sitting or pressing up against things.

Using an Acne Body Wash

Look for a body wash that has ingredients designed to treat acne, such as salicylic acid or tea tree oil. These ingredients will kill off acne-causing bacteria in your skin without causing irritation or inflammation. An acne body wash can help treat your back and body acne more effectively, but you can speed up this process by also incorporating the use of a body loofah or exfoliation sponge or puff in your bathing routine as well. Squeeze a good amount of body wash designed to treat acne on to a wet sponge or puff, and squish it around in your hands to create a rich lather. Massage the body wash over your skin, concentrating on areas that are effected by acne. Rinse well with warm water.