Your best cystic acne cure to beat those boils

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Find a cystic acne cure that will really work.

Cystic acne often does not respond to over-the-counter products, and can leave you feeling helpless and hopeless. Severe acne if often caused by an out-of-control bacterial overgrowth in the skin, and can be difficult, if not impossible to treat without professional intervention. If you try to ignore cystic acne, it will only leave your skin scarred and damaged as a result, so early treatment is very important. Talk to a dermatologist about some of the best and most effective cystic acne cure options out there, which can include:

Laser Treatment

Certain cosmetic lasers may help clear your cystic acne and require little to no down time. This can seem like a huge relief if you suffer from cystic acne and are tired of trying multitudes of lotions and creams with little to no success. Some of the most effective cystic acne lasers include:

  • Fractional CO2 lasers. Dermatologists will cover your skin with a numbing gel, allow it to take effect for about 20 minutes, and will then apply the Fractional CO2 laser over the surface of the skin.
  • Blue light lasers. Sitting in front of a blue light laser for 15 minutes per day can improve cystic acne with no down time or side effects. Blue light lasers that have a frequency of 415 nm will kill off bacteria on the skin and will increase circulation to help your skin heal and regenerate. You can also buy blue light laser devices that can be used at home on a regular basis.
  • Erbium YAG lasers. Increase circulation and helps your skin fight off the bacteria that causes cystic acne.

Tea Tree Oil

Do you notice that your skin seems to be extremely irritated and dry, yet produces way too much oil at the same time? This sensitive skin condition is an unfortunately side effect of cystic acne and can quickly become exacerbated by chemically based skin care products. Instead of using products that can cause redness, itchiness and burning, like benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, switch over to tea tree oil as the main topical treatment you use to fight cystic acne. Tea tree oil is a cystic acne cure that is highly antibacterial and antimicrobial, but is not irritating to the skin like its chemical counterparts. Plus, tea tree oil has been shown to be just as effective as benzoyl peroxide. Tea tree oil should be diluted in water in a solution that is 15 parts water, one part tea tree oil, or 5 percent. Apply the tea tree oil only on to the individual acne cysts and not on to healthy skin. This will enable the oil to penetrate specifically into the effected area. Reapply the tea tree oil up to three times per day after you cleanse your skin.